Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Кулебяка is a traditional Russian dish: a big pirogue with some sort of filling. For the filling you can pretty much use anything (salty) you like: mushrooms, boiled eggs, spinach, cheese, rice, potatoes, cabbage, fish or whatever.

It's almost surprising how often it is made in the shape of a piggy.

A "svinokulebyaka" by meladan, posted in the LiveJournal community ru_piggy.

A sliced piggy-kulebyaka accompanies a recipe on the Russian recipe site kuking.net ...

This lovely kulebyaka was made by LarkinaL and posted on the photo community foto@mail.ru.

For an English-language recipe, check out Moti's Iraqi cuisine (he has a hammer and sickle variation).

Other popular non-abstract shapes include fish and crocodiles.

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