Sunday, 14 December 2008

Pigs as symbols of capitalism

Piggy-banks are an obvious tool for accumulating capital, and thus a symbol for capitalism.

Read more about piggy banks! In the Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere, the pig shape is often dismissed as an etymological mistake between "pig" and "pygg" - a type of clay that was often used to make jars where money was stored. But as we have previously seen, pigs have been regarded as a symbol for prosperity since ancient times, so I don't entirely want to believe that explanation ...

Anyway, this video by Belarussian rock band Lyapis Trubetskoi has a lot of piggy-bank imagery.

Lyapis Trubetskoy «Capital» from Alexey Terexov on Vimeo.

The animation, by Alexei Terekhov at, depicts various politicians who are officially anti-imperialist and opposing globalization, but who in fact are more or less hypocrites motivated by personal lust for power and wealth.


Nekkid Chicken said...

I think you would like our pet pig, he was an orphan and was given to us. His name is Mr. Salad Fingers, I have no idea as to his breed. But we love him. I enjoyed your blog.

Much love
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Anonymous said...

We all know that pigs is helpful to us mankind it gives us food but we need to protect them they have their right to live and right to be take care.