Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ambient pigs

This is the back cover of the record "Pig" by Stephen Ugo Rosen, "a collection of 9 'dirty' ambient tracks".

"The term 'dirty' is used here because ambient music has a reputation for being 'pure' or lofty in many respects and this collection deliberately attempts to throw the atmospheres down in the mud."

Of course, what is a better symbol for dirtiness than pigs forced to live in such a cramped space that they have no chance of keeping themselves clean?

Placing a naked human among them (with some chains across his shoulders for potential kinkiness/fanservice) puts the plight of pigs raised for meat in a whole new light, because they look so very similar.
Humans get into conditions like this when imprisoned in 'inhumane' conditions in cramped cells with no access to toilets, while such conditions are the norm for most pigs raised for meat. (Sows in factory farms, who spend most of their lives in "gestation crates" - outlawed in the EU and some US states - and give birth and nurse their piglets in "farrowing crates" can't even turn around.)


J. Johan Pallen said...

Regarding the picture that has been used in the post entitled "Ambient pigs" that was posted by Mr. Tinet on sunday, the 6th. of May, 2007.

The pose is typical of the pose that is used in bestiality films. In the films of bestiality, the deranged woman or man kneels down naked in front of the dog hound, the boar or the stallion. Her presenting of her genital area to the animal stimulates the animal's matory instinct. It mounts the woman and proceeds to copulate with her(or him).
Many films of European women presenting their genital area in this manner to dog hounds, boars and stallions to stimulate their bestial matory urge are available for free on the internet.

There is only one chain around the person's shoulder. If Mr. Tinet is able to count to 3, then his statement that "(with some chains across his shoulders for potential kinkiness/fanservice)" is a lie. There is nothing kinky about bestiality. It is perverse, it is illegal and it is a treachery against our humanity.
The person is not being restrained in any manner. The use of the single chain around the shoulder is serving zero purpose.

It is true that the person is in the usual pose for a bestial mounting. It is true that the posture of the pig behind the person indicates an interest in the proferred genital area and an approach that is a prelude to a copulatory mount.
If it is Mr. Tinet's intention to promote bestiality in the guise of a perverse solidarity with a beast, he has succeeded.

Tinet said...

Interesting that somebody would take this post so seriously, to the point of getting upset about how many chains there are in the photo.

You are probably correct that this image is intended to make allusions to bestiality. However, "the smut is in the mind of the beholder" is very true also in this case, because that is not what I personally think of when I look at it. The pig pen is not an environment where pigs themselves would mate. Pigs are never kept mixed male and female. In the food industry, pigs are usually artificially inseminated, but if they do mate the natural way, this is done in a separate area: at large farms the female pig is put in a terribly small cage, cynically called "rape crate". Besides, animal/human bestiality is hardly ever initiated by animals, unless they have been taught to do it by deranged humans.

Obviously I would never promote bestiality, and it is beyond me how you could interpret my post in that manner.
Besides, the sexual position you are referring to ("Many films of European women" - What?) is very normal for humans to use with no thought of bestiality whatsoever ...

/Ms. Tinet