Monday, 25 August 2008

Two concrete examples of prejudice about pigs

Eddy!This is Eddy. He is currently the only pig staying at the Berlin animal shelter, where he came after his family abandoned him because of "changed living conditions".

This weekend the shelter participated in a local "family weekend" event, and invited the public to lots of fun activities and a market with good food and pet related goods. The weather was really bad, but quite a lot of people still came.

When I found Eddy, he made my heart sing. I talked to him in pigspeak and took several dozens of photos of him. While I was standing there, some other people came along, too.

Among the more neutral comments I heard was, "Yeah, you know, some people keep pigs in their apartment."

An older couple came along and stared at Eddy. Then the woman started to make faces, noises and gestures implying that there was a strong bad smell there.
But there was no bad smell at all! Only the smell of straw!

Then a family with two children, maybe 7-10 years old, came along. The girl kept muttering, "He's so fat."
Eddy isn't full grown yet, and he is quite slender for a pet pig. He doesn't even have a double chin. In accordance with his breed standard, he has a little tummy, but it would never cross my mind to consider him "fat" because of that. (Here is a full-figure photo of Eddy.)
I asked the girl why she said he was fat, but she just stared at me and left without a word. (The parents, as usual, were totally autistic towards their children and didn't exchange any thoughts with them at all.)

The only sensible explanation I have for these comments is that these people have learned that pigs are supposed to smell and that pigs are supposed to be fat, and they can't break free of those false images even when the actual reality is right in front of them.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Current call for action: Ferkelprotest!

Something I will feature from time to time on this blog is a link to a current pig rights-related action.

The first one is the German Tierschutzbund e.V. action against the castration of male piglets without anaesthesia. This obviously subjects the little pigs to terrible pain. Every year, over 20 million male piglets are castrated without anaesthesia.

But together we can fight to change German law, so that castration without anaesthesia will be outlawed!

On the website you can add your signature to protest against this cruel practise.

Are you not German? Find out whether castration without anaesthesia is also practised in your country. If it is, protest against it! Contact your local animal rights NGOs and fight together.